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She after that claims you to she’s got to go away, and you can opens new doors to Ezra’s area before you leave

She after that claims you to she’s got to go away, and you can opens new doors to Ezra’s area before you leave

Mary says you to Toby’s in love with Spencer, maybe not the lady, that triggers Alex in order to angrily scream that she’s Spencer now

Into the present, Alex claims one to Charlotte never ever returned so you can London, additionally the the next time she noticed this lady is actually whenever she was going to Charlotte’s grave. She actually is seen once again from the barn taking walks as much as an effective pony, Bashful, and you will tries to place a saddle into the your. The brand new pony rears, knowing Alex is not Spencer. Toby runs into the new pencil and you will settles new horse and you can requires “Spencer” in the event the the woman is ok. Alex reacts you to the woman is, therefore the best thing to-do in the event the pony becomes including this can be to walk out. She then simply leaves, and you will Toby looks after the girl puzzled, because this contradicted precisely what the real Spencer had thought to your earlier.

After, Alex can be seen away from Hastings and you may Hastings lawyer, eavesdropping toward Jenna and you may Veronica’s talk about Addison. Veronica requires “Spencer” if she’s okay, that Alex responds that she is fine hence Veronica is a stone celebrity. Veronica claims you to she’s never ever named her you to definitely in advance of, however, she’ll bring it prior to going returning to the firm. Jenna transforms to help you Alex, which she thinks was Spencer, and you will thanked the lady having function the new appointment upwards. Alex states that it wasn’t difficulty and you may she dreams they aided. Jenna asks if she actually is dressed in a different scent, and you may Spencer says that it is pony hair – she is at the new steady you to early morning which have Toby. Jenna states you to definitely she expectations “Spencer” can convince Toby to keep for a while, and Alex reacts one to she would wish is. Jenna many thanks the girl once again and you may Alex makes. Minutes later, Jenna phone calls Toby and you will tells your that she doesn’t envision Spencer was Spencer.

Aria is about to send an S.O.S. so you’re able to Spencer when Toby walks within the and you will states to not perform they. He then says to new Liars and Caleb he knows Spencer isn’t Spencer, while the guide that “Spencer” offered him did not have cards inside it, and you can Spencer is usually creating notes inside it. He continues on to declare that the guy thinks Twins you will manage in the family members and that Spencer’s twin sister try A good.D. Mona, that is prying to them at that time, phone calls Alex and tells the girl that it is returning to Plan B and therefore Alex should give this lady exactly who she’s.

Alex will then be viewed angrily making a property having Mary within the pull. Mary says you to Alex assured she wouldn’t hurt Spencer, and you may Alex angrily claims you to she’s got so you can discard “the newest facts” and you may she isn’t going to harm their. She holds a keen ax from the section of the strengthening and you may states you to she’ll allow painless. Mary says whenever it get off today nonetheless escape, they are able to package a parent-girl trip to European countries. Mary claims you to she understands exactly what it is like to require something so badly that you beginning to faith it’s true and asks Alex when the she knows. Alex responses curtly one she does not and you may the woman is disappointed, ahead of punching Mary regarding the nose slamming the woman out.

Alex angrily yells no and that she is maybe not supposed anywhere without Toby and that she knows that he could be in love with her

Meanwhile, Mona says to this new Liars and you will Caleb in which Alex is actually, in addition they rapidly ascertain that Alex ordered the house Toby centered and should feel carrying Spencer truth be told there. Then they hurry out over see them. For the time being, Alex can be seen stalking from the hallways of the property clutching this new ax. She heads so you’re able to Spencer’s space, in order to find that one another Ezra and Spencer has fled. She is frustrated by it and set the ax on her behalf neck just before walking out to locate them. Spencer and you may Ezra discover whatever they thought is actually a home and you will grass is basically fake, and therefore everything is phony.

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